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Nothing amazes me more then being able to freeze a moment in time. The ability to look back at the most important moments in life and the beauty of the world around me is so gratifying. Taking pictures gives me a self satisfaction that is different when compared with video. A picture does tell a thousand words but what makes it even more unique is the ability of the viewers in interpret their own story and expression. Every time people view my pictures they see different things that I myself could no imagine. Pictures allow me to step out of my story telling in motion pictures and allows the viewers to envision their own stories.

Please do enjoy my pictures available on my Flickr account and don't forget to send me feedback on your visionary stories.

"Kampar Old Town Collections" is a compilation of pictures taken through my lens on some of my favourite subjects in this wonderful town. I cherish many fond memories and have a deep feeling for the people and cultures. It has opened up my mind, given me fresh exposure, extended my circle of friends and provided exciting learning experiences. I have another few more weeks here, before I move back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Smileto Bicyto

Smileto Bicyto

The man with his wonderful smile, runs a bicycle repair shop in Kampar Old Town. The smile on his face is a pleasant welcome for customers and is the essence of this picture. This picture was taken when he was having a rest after having finished servicing his client. The cement floor shows the sustained damage from the dropping of tools over a long period of time. The tools on the floor and the wooden background adds a very vintage feel to this picture. I have personally not been that keen to capture black and white pictures. However having taken a few, I started to appreciated the difference in the way black and white pictures are able to communicate a message.

Fisto Marketo

The busy morning market in Kampar old town is always a beautiful sight for photography. Merchants aggressively marketing their products shouting to get attention and negotiating prices.

Fisto Marketo


I was walking with a group of photographer friends when we came across this lady sitting alone outside her house.  She gave me the impression that she was waiting for somebody.  We had a casual conversation with her and she told us about her family and children working abroad.  There are many old folks in Kampar in a similar situation, living a lonely life with children studying or residing overseas.


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"India Opened Up My Eyes Collections"

Sito Viewto

Sito Viewto

Do your remember the time when we were small, our parents would go out to work and leave us at home? This was exactly what happened to this lonely boy. He was a waiting for his mother's return in a crowded street occupying his time looking at passers by. His dirty face shows that he has not been attended to for some time. His facial expressions and the neglected dirty look ca
ught my attention.

Angoto tempato

Angoto Tempato

The crime rate in India is among the highest in the world. Stories abound with people going missing without a trace. The criminal acts of stealing and cheating may be a daily routine for many. This picture was taken at a well known tourist site at Agra. The lady was explaining to the authorities the predicament she was in.

Ādamī kō khō diyā

Ādamī kō khō diyā 

This picture was taken on April 17, 2011 outside the palace of Jaipur's last ruler on the day of his funeral. I was standing near this local resident who was there to pay his last respect to Maharajah Brigadier Sawai Bhawani Singh, a highly regarded person. This resident and his friends were among the large crowd of local residents and tourist who have come to witness the occassion. He was quietly emotional and seems to be in deep thoughts. Definitely a loyal subject of the Maharajah.

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I do miss the life as a student

Published on Friday, August 24, 2012

Since the start of January 2012, I started working full time and staying away from my freelancing job or personal projects.  The only reason I took a full time job is to gain experience in the real working world as some will put it.  I have acquired a lot technical and non technical skills and have in the process grown wiser.

It is true that if you work in a small and newly established company you will acquire a wider range of skills.  This is because they don't have a well established system in place.  At times, we have to make lots of compromises which is important especially in TV production.  A quote which I will always keep in mind is " Whatever that can go wrong, will go wrong" specially when you are unprepared.  If you think you are really prepared read back the quote again.  It is true that some things are hard to prepare and maybe out of our control.  We can still find ways to minimise the problem by learning from the past.

It is very true that college life is one of the best times of my life. Below are 5 things I miss the most being a student.

-  Have lots of spare time.

-  Can change assignment group members if you don't get along.  It is not the same now, you like it or not, you still have to work.  Even worse, you have to see their face everyday and take their nonsence.

-  Don't need to feel like you need to be an asset to the university. The new reality, worry everyday that the company feels like you are not an asset.

-  After class, I have time to relax and unwind.  Now that I am working, the only time I unwind is when I am in the toilet, sleeping or drinking with clients (my favourite).

-  The only time I will feel stressed is near exam.  Whereas working is a everyday affair.

My favourite things to do during spare time.  Golfing at Kampar, Westlake.

There are many positive sides of work as well.  First of all, I have learned lots of varieties of skills.  My decision making and thought process has changed dramatically.  My problem solving skills has improved and I am able to resolve problems faster.


If you are a student, appreciate every moment as it won't last forever.

If you are a fresh graduate, here are a few advice.  If you plan to learn the trade and understand how the company functions, working in a smaller company is better.  You need to be prepared that you have to do lots of things which are out of your comfort zone and you have to play multiple roles.  For example in a production company you could be Producer/ director/ editor/ script write/ camera operator/........all in one.

Writen By Lee Sheng Wang

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